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Every good business person enjoys success. We feel good when we can honestly make money on our investments and help people at the same time, serving God and ourselves without compromise.

Stevia has been used as a completely natural product in South America for thousands of years, and used as a trade product in Asia and Europe for centuries. Its appearance in North America has been delayed because of the interests of the sugar, pharmaceutial and chemical companies.

Production problems in North America were another factor due to climate. Researcher 42 a researcher in chemistry and biology or the stevia plant has largely solved these problems. The problems that have arisen are being solved at our facilities in Lavington BC with a deep and full commitment to ongoing research. It is interesting to note he is not a promoter but a person deeply involved since 1981 in bringing stevia to the marketplace. Stevia is relatively new to the North American marketplace and lacks the promotion of other herbal products, but it has huge potential, and once the promoters get hold of stevia it will be very where, and all at once.

Specific health benefits are being researched in North America, because we are known to do lots of research I to anything new, and therefore we are discovering things so far unknown about the benefits of stevia. Whereas other countries have just welcomed stevia as a natural plant source of unique bioflavnoids. Current research on blood sugar control ( diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder ) continues, as will as antiseptic, antifungal and the effects on Candida are being researched and reported on. While stevia in the green powdered form and extracts may be sold in North America as a food supplement and herbal dietary supplement, it must be promoted for its bioflavonoid properties with no mention as a sweetener of sugar or artificial sweetener replacement. While the medicinal properties are being researched at this time no health benefits can be claimed.

Stevia is known to contain and is a good natural source of : chromium, manganese, selenium, silicon, Vitamin A, iron, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, thiamine, Vitamin C, and zinc, this may be in a form that the body can readily assimilate, namely in the ( certified ) organic form, containing no chemical, fungicides, herbicides or pesticides.

Our product line is called Whispering Hills Stevia , and our products are all derived from certified organic Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni ( we refer to out stevia plants as R42 ). All our products are manufactured using GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices), that starts with our certified organic greenhouses with a string moral responsibility to give our customers a superior product, coupled with a quality control and quality assurance program that is independently verified by a government recognized laboratory. Our products appeal to and are recommended by naturopaths who favour a pure natural product. Stevia also gives a positive kinesiology response to the energies of patients.

We value customer feedback and look forward to hearing from you. If you or someone you know would like to grow stevia whether an acre or two or just a few plants we would like to hear from you, our commitments for growers for the coming year has closed. We also would like to hear about your recipes and ways of using our products.



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