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Micro Propagation

Whispering Hills Vineyard Corporation is marketing micro propagation equipment and various protocols for plant propagation and will enter joint venture agreements to manufacture and will license the manufacture of various components.

Stevia plantations are set up using three techniques: seed and seedlings that are propagated in flats and planted out in the field, vegetative propagation from stem cuttings, and micro-propagation from stem cell culture. This method allows the grower to propagate several millions of plants from superior selected stocks that exhibit the qualities necessary to meet or exceed the bioclimate demands specific to a particular region. Propagation using this method several hundred thousand plants may be propagated for stem cell using one person per month.

We have developed the protocols for stem cell propagation, and developed a chamber that houses all of the equipment and disposable materials necessary to establish a stevia plantation at any location. This chamber can be manufactured in the country where the plantation will be located. This chamber can also be used on other plants and lends itself well to such plants as ginseng, thereby saving time in propagation. It also can be an aid in plant selection and breeding for inheritable traits.

Production of stevia begins with plant selection for the specific climate. We have 12 plant lines that exhibit certain desirable properties. Plant selection is based on setting a breeding program, from seed for immediate grow out. Selected lines can be vegetative propagated. At this point lines may be selected for stem cell propagation. From seed to

Line selection may take up to eighteen months, before harvest of the first crop.

Our involvement in every project is based on growing our own seeds and developing selected stocks, purchasing dried leaf and manufacturing value added products.

We have for sale: stem cell propagation protocols for stevia and several other high value plants, propagation chambers that include materials and protocols, production and harvesting equipment, drying and related equipment for the production of several grades of green leaf powder, value added processing equipment including packaging machines. We also develop local marketing and merchandising channels.

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